Eng - Islamic Ethics

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Course Overview

Prophet Muhammad (S) said: “I have not been sent except to perfect the ethical system (mak?rim al-akhl?q).”1

One's actions, when performed out of choice, are due to knowledge, belief and habits. For example, suppose one is thirsty, knows that water is near him and knows that water will relieve his thirst. In this case he will drink water because of his knowledge.

There are also examples of habits. For example, a stingy person will not want to help a needy person, even if he realizes his need, while a generous person will help a needy person without thinking about it. His generosity pushes him towards helping the needy person.

There are rules found in Islam with the purpose of obtaining correct beliefs and habits. The blessings of good habits are found in one's actions.

The series of lecture presents several facets of Islamic Ethics

What are the requirements?

  • None

What am I going to get from this course?

  • To become aware of Islamic Ethics and Act upon them

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone Wishing to Learn about Islamic Ethics

About the Scholar

Course Curriculum

Islamic Ethics

  • Islamic Ethics | Introduction to Akhlaq
  • Islamic Ethics | Humility
  • Islamic Ethics | Ethics of Communication
  • Islamic Ethics | Controlling the Gaze
  • Islamic Ethics | Backbiting
  • Islamic Ethics | Jealousy
  • Islamic Ethics | Shortcomings
  • Islamic Ethics | Actions and Consequences
  • Islamic Ethics | Self Belief
  • Islamic Ethics | Arrogance
  • Islamic Ethics | Don’t keep bad company
  • Islamic Ethics | Gossip
  • Islamic Ethics | Sincerity in our action
  • Islamic Ethics | Forgiveness
  • Islamic Ethics | Helping others
  • Islamic Ethics | He who does not control his tongue, regrets it
  • Islamic Ethics | Joking excessively
  • Islamic Ethics | Deception
  • Islamic Ethics | Covering the faults of your brother
  • Islamic Ethics | Mistrust and Positivity


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