Eng - Rediscovering Salat (Prayer)

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Course Overview

A comprehensive course on the prayer: learn to focus, understand the meaning of prayer, and watch detailed demonstrations. This is a classic course lecture series by Shk Rizwan Arastu. Salat is the most important act of worship in Islam.In addition to its spiritual aspects, prayer is known as the most important motto of Islam. Friday prayers and congregrational prayers embody the social aspect of this worship.

In addition to obligatory prayers, there are a lot of prayers which have been mentioned in hadiths as highly beneficial for both this world and the future life. Among those, the most important ones are Night prayers and Nafila prayers which accompany the obligatory ones.

What are the requirements?

  • None

What am I going to get from this course?

  • To Make Prayers more understandable

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wishes to understand the depth of Islamic Prayer

About the Scholar

Shaykh Rizwan Arastu is a graduate of the Islamic Seminary of Qum, Iran, where he specialized in the study of the Qur’an and traditions. Prior to the seminary, he received his bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology along with minors in near eastern studies and education from Princeton University. Shaykh Rizwan is the founding director of the Islamic Texts Institute, a non-profit research institute aimed at making Islamic sources available to the West with scholarly commentary. Among ITI’s publications are: Al-Nudbah: A Devotional Elegy to the Prophet Muhammad and his Family, Al-Kāfī Book One: Intellect & Foolishness, Al-Kāfī Book Two: Knowledge & Its Merits, A Salute to the Master of Martyrs: A Commentary on Ziyārat ʾĀshūrāʿ (at press) Shaykh Rizwan is also the author of: Tajwīd: A Guide to Qur’anic Recitation, God’s Emissaries: Adam to Jesus, Every Muslim’s Guide to the Islamic Legal System (at press). Shaykh Rizwan resides with his wife and five children in Elgin, IL, just outside Chicago. He is the founder of Islamic Literacy, and he is a member of the faculty at the Ahl al-Bayt Islamic Seminary.

Course Curriculum

Start Here

  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - An Introduction
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Importance of Focus
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Focus - External Distractions
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Focus - Internal Distractions
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Comprehension
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Awe, Hope
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Clothing
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Place
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Qiblah
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Wudhu
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Adhan
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Niyah
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Takbir Continued
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Standing
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Recitation Continued
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Fatiha
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Ruku
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Sajdah
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Qunoot, Tashahud
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Demo Of Prayer
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Taqibaat Part 1
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Taqibaat Part 2
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Congregational Prayer
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Congregational Prayer Continued
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Congregational Prayer Continued
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Salat Al Ayat
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - Salat Al Janaza
  • Rediscovering Salat (Prayer) - How To Fix Your Prayer


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